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Content, descriptions and pictures

The contents of these descriptions, pictures and all similar documents we reserve the right of ownership and copyright. Without our written consent this may neither be copied or used in own representation nor made accessible to third parties. The products from our range are protected by trademark. In the case of infringement of patent and copyright, Modellland is entitled to claim damages.

Dear Model Friends,

We would like to give you a little insight about the manufacture and quality of our products. The articles are handcrafted and are therefore constantly checked for quality. The material used in our products are colored plastics. The illuminated articles are equipped with SMD technology and tuned to the specified track tension. For a good illumination of the image surface several SMD are incorporated depending on the track width. The cable with attached connection instructions on the packaging has a length of approx. 100 - 200mm. The image surface is applied with a high-quality special plastic print. In order to achieve these characteristics, we have developed a system specially designed for this purpose. The articles have special requirements e.g. UV resistance and scratch resistant surface. Due to the weather resistance, there is the possibility to use our products for the scale 1: 22.5 G scale outdoors. Our new products are not based on printed stickers such as Decal, laser or other printing options that have no UV coating or scratch-resistant surface and therefore have a low life. We hope that our product description could help you further.

Modellland - products are available in stores or in our online shop. Here are the real eye-catcher for the hobby model.

We thank you for your attention and look forward to your next visit.